DVD Review: Gray Cook’s Kettlebells From the Ground Up

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February 25, 2011
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March 15, 2011

DVD Review: Gray Cook's Kettlebells From the Ground Up Turkish Get Up

Gray Cook, who is a friend and fellow TPI Advisory Board member, sent me a copy of his DVD The Kalos Sthenos: Kettlebells from the Ground Up. I have always respected Gray’s approach to exercise, working off the premise that you need function to build a foundation from which you can build strength upon. I am a big fan of the kettlebells as a tool for developing power and function in my athletes (check out LAB Episode #3: Kettlebells) so I was very excited about viewing this disc. Gray and Brett Jones breakdown one of my favorite exercises in incredible detail; the Turkish Get Up. It is always enjoyable to hear Gray speak on function. He makes sure not to fly through it without you thoroughly understanding the key concepts. We live in an age where we want quick clips of info and we want instant gratification. This DVD is like reading the book instead of skimming through the Coles notes. If you are looking for a quick intro to kettlebells and a few cool exercises this is not the DVD for you. If you truly want to understand exercise and the history and purpose behind this incredible tool then you are in the right place.
Disc 1 give you a nice fireside chat about function, exercise, kettlebells and the history behind Kalos Sthenos which translates to “beautiful strength”. Disc 2 has the get up in detail with some great coaching tips for strength coaches and fitness professionals. I really enjoyed listening to Bret and Gray’s coaching and cueing techniques. As a fellow coach it is always helpful to see an exercise through someone else’s eyes. I love the way they bring the Turkish Get Up back to the FMS. I agree that to do the Get Up properly you do need to score well on the FMS screen. Pro tips saves this DVD for the advanced trainer or strength coach. If you are planning on teaching the Turkish Get Up to your clients I recommend you giving this DVD a view. It comes with a manual written by Dr. Mark Cheng which makes a great reference tool after watching the DVD. If you want to order the DVD or other great works from Gray go to www.graycook.com or order it direct from Perform Better www.performbetter.com

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