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October 13, 2011
Sharpening the Blade
November 24, 2011

I just returned from Perform Better’s “A Meeting of Minds” Summit in Phoenix. The idea was to get the top minds to talk about the future of the fitness industry. Chris Poirier did it again by creating an environment for people to share their ideas, connect, socialize and debate (we will get to that later). It was 3 days of first class presentations, great topics and as always his staff out did themselves. I thought I would share with you the highlights of the weekend and touch on some concepts that C + C Music Factory could only describe as “Things that make you say hmmmm!”

Mark Verstegen: I have seen Mark present numerous times in the past and I have to say that this was his best to date. His slides were created in a flowing movie style matrix, which was one of the most impressive slide formats I’ve ever seen (and I have seen it all). He has always been a leader in the industry with the creation of Athletes Performance, which was created 10 years ago, and still the future of fitness for the next 10 years to come. No rock is left unturned when it comes to their systems and delivery of services.

Martin Rooney: Martin came with his passion cup ready to runnith over. The presentation started with a trip through time and covered fitness oxymoron’s like “Long Slow Run” “Player Coach” and “Relaxation Exercises” and the history of the medicine ball. He encapsulated the presentation with what the “Wild Wild West” of the future will look like. Blending of skill set of the coach to include nutrition, manual therapy, and sport psychologist.

John Berardi: With John being one of the world’s leaders in nutrition you would expect the future of nutrition talk. Instead he did one better with an incredible message. Inspire people to truly change their lives by changing the way you inspire them to become inspired themselves. Do less, expect less and you will achieve more. Make your clients change one thing at a time and build on that to give them the confidence that they can change their own lives. Fantastic!

Alwyn Cosgrove: As always Alwyn delivers a fantastic presentation full of wit, insight and knowledge. I loved his idea of doing 1000 single leg hops followed by 1000 hops on the other leg. Sound crazy? Its called jogging. Self-limiting exercises instead of sets and reps is a great way to get better results. Results Fitness is setting the stage for the future model of fitness.

Don Chu: Don is a legend in the industry and I was happy to finally meet him and hear him speak. His topic was on flexibility and he offered up some safe and effective stretch techniques that are appropriate for the strength coach to administer. He gave a great look into the inner workings of the muscle to truly understand how to create change in the length and function of the muscles.

Mike Boyle: Wow! What can I say about this presentation? Mike has never been one to hold back on sharing his opinion on topics and this presentation was no different. Look out Crossfit, the NSCA and people who don’t like family videos! Mike’s approach to unilateral exercises and the single leg squat in particular opened my eyes. Anti-extension, anti-flexion and anti-rotation exercises are good and anti-Boyle people can remove him from their Christmas card list. Shoes will have 5 toes! “Could you imagine swinging a golf club wearing mittens?” Good point Mike. At the end of Q&A, Mike was challenged by Mike Stone (Who presented on Thursday night with Meg Stone which I unfortunately missed due to a delayed flight) and the two traded blows for about 10 minutes. That was what this weekend was designed for…. Discussion! Cage match to follow.

The Stand Off

Todd Durkin: Blob Tag! Todd always brings his A-game as he danced into the presentation in Rasta wear throwing candy into the crowd. He then went into an hour and 15 minute motivational whirlwind that made everyone want to achieve and be better…….NOW! Are you Tired or Inspired? Inspired, thanks Todd.

Thomas Plummer: It is always hard for me to describe a Plummer presentation because he is my speaking mentor and Master. I know all his moves but like any great Master he holds back a little something that he can pull out to surprise his Young Grasshopper. If you can’t make a 6-figure salary after that speech you either weren’t listening or you don’t have the balls to risk everything for your dreams. Its all there for you if you follow his lead! Paint the canvas of your future and make your life what you want it to be, but for now, wear a shirt with a $%&#@ collar!

Thomas Meyers: Thomas was given extra time on the closing day and he took full advantage of it. He went deeper than fascia and spoke on the body on a molecular level, lambasted the “Health” Care system and gave us some insight into the evolution of mankind. Pretty deep for a Rolfer.

6:30 am on the final day, Mike Wunsch from Results Fitness, Troy Anderson “the sandbag guys” and I gave everyone who was willing to get up after the Saturday night social a workout. Great attendance and great energy! I opened with a dynamic rotational warm up and closed with a Kinoga cool down. What happened in the middle can only be described as mayhem. It was great to work with you all and hope next time those of you who couldn’t attend will make the journey and Meet with the Minds of Perform Better. Jason Glass

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