Rotational Power Lacrosse

Rotational Power Slings
March 4, 2013
Rotational Training from featuring Pro Golfer Adam Hadwin
May 13, 2013

This video is near and dear to my heart. Lacrosse has always been one of my favourite sports and I played both box and field lacrosse growing up. If I had put the same number of hours I spent throwing a ball against a wall into piano I would be a world class concert pianist. (I said pardon!) My high school coach and mentor Coach (Flash) Flemming had us throwing both left and right handed from day one. We now know that the most powerful rotary athletes in the world throw or swing both ways (I know, you try writing that sentence a different way!). You can only accelerate as fast as you can decelerate. I love how this video shows how Paul Rabil transfers linear momentum into rotational momentum. He gets as much speed moving toward the target while coiling his upper body in the opposite direction. Once he plants his lead leg it rapidly decelerates the left hip causing the right side to snap around it like a pitcher. His stretched Anterior Right Sling (See PowerSlings) can now release the saved elastic energy from the coiling phase and Boom Goes the Dynamite! On a side note:  I had the same hair when I played! (Don’t ask for a picture because your not getting one!) Coach Glass

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