Rotational Training from featuring Pro Golfer Adam Hadwin

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March 13, 2013
June 13, 2013

Rotational Training from featuring Pro Golfer Adam Hadwin

Here are some of the exercises we have been playing around with this off season. We are using the science that has been developed by the TPI Advisory Board members and tweaking them to match the needs of our athlete. Some people have asked me how much muscle do you need to play golf? I always say that you need to be strong enough to handle the loads created while swinging the club. In Adam’s case he was producing enormous amounts of speed and needed some more muscle mass to handle the loads he was creating. Once we added the muscle in the correct areas (Scapular Stabilizers, Glutes, Legs) we found that he didn’t have to work as hard to create the same amount of power. The potential for injury should also decrease. Enjoy the video and comment. The more debate we get for these topics the more we can Xperiment! 

This Video: 

LabXtv Technician Jason Glass shares with you some of the Rotational Power exercises he uses with Pro Golfer Adam Hadwin. If you want to “Load and Xplode” you first have to “Earn the Right to Rotate”!

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