Urban Workout Chicago: Jason Glass LAB

June 13, 2013
LabXtv Urban Workout Malmo Sweden
October 10, 2013


I travel a ton. I hate treadmills. I love seeing new cities and need a good workout. What could be better than experiencing a city you have never visited before by running and using the terrain from some of the city landmarks? In this edition of the http://labx.tv Urban Workout I am in Chicago for the 2013 Perform Better Summit. The Blackhawks have just won the Stanley Cup and I just finished presenting my Load & Xplode:Power Slings (Hands On and Lecture). Whenever I get off stage I have a mix of exhaustion from giving the crowd everything I have and also an energy that I get from the crowds vibe. Usually I need to get out and burn off my stage buzz and spend some quiet time exercising. I am happy to bring you along for the ride! If you like this one look up Urban Workout Providence from the 2011 Perform Better Summit. Load & Xplode! Coach Glass

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