CGP Ep19 Tristan Mullally Team Canada Coach

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June 18, 2014
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July 2, 2014
Tristan hitting the hurley

Tristan hitting the hurley

Tristan Mullally is Team Canada’s Women’s National Team Coach. He is one of the most talented and effective coaches in the game of golf. Not a golfer? Don’t worry; his insight into the art of coaching transcends any sport! Our industry is all about who you work with and how much you make. That’s why it is refreshing to work alongside someone who tirelessly overdelivers for the athlete to help them accomplish their dreams. As you know my goal is to “inspire others to greatness” and Tristan is a coach who lives by this statement and punctuates it with results. Team Canada found the pot at the end of the rainbow when they found this talented Irishman! Raise a Guinness to Tristan! Cheers Everybody! #CoachGlass #Undeniable #DreamBig #Overdeliver

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