CGP Ep. 24 Screening, Assessments & Everything Else
July 16, 2014
CGP Ep26 Glass & Gill Show #4 Client Compliance
July 30, 2014

Screening Assessments #2 In this episode we are continuing the conversation about screening, assessments and testing. Are you a TPI practitioner?(Sport Specific Application for rotational sports), FMS?(Asymmetries and injury prediction) or SFMA? (Orthopaedic based assessment to uncover source of dysfunction) So which one do I use? I let the screen guide me. I start with the upper tier of the SFMA and let the athletes movements and sport specific needs guide where I go and where we end up. We bring up the concept of High Threshold training and discuss power/strength and anaerobic testing. I also share a story that is guaranteed to blow your mind… and your colon! #DreamBig #OverDeliver on your Dreams. #CoachGlass Visit our sponsors @mytpi @performbetter

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