CGP Ep29 Perform Better Summit 2014

CGP Ep28 Coaching Tips for Training 3 Generations of Clients
August 6, 2014
CGP Ep30 Strength Training is Overrated!!!
August 20, 2014

photo 2 Here is my recap of what is the fitness equivalent to the Catalina Wine Mixer. The 2014 @Perform_Better Summit! All the nitty gritty rom what was one of the best PB Summits ever! The summit was a great success and I was able to spend quality time with some of my closest friends and colleagues in the fitness industry. My hands on and lecture were well received and it was great to have all the #CoachGlassPodcast fans out to see the show! In this episode I break down my thoughts from the hands on and lectures I attended including Gray Cook @graycookpt, Mark Verstegen, Brandon Marchello @bmarchello13, Greg Rose, Dan John @FakeDanJohn, Charlie Weingroff @cwagon75, Mike Boyle @bodybyboyle, Josh Henkin @joshhenkin @drmarkcheng and all the rest! I would love to write out all the great lessons and cool tips but its easier for you to just listen! Hope you enjoy. Cheers Everybody! #DreamBig #OverDeliver on your Dreams. #CoachGlass Visit our sponsors @mytpi @performbetter

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