Advanced Dynamic Warm Up for Golf
October 16, 2014
Coaches: Upper Cross Syndrome
October 20, 2014


Systems: To successfully navigate your athlete to reach their goals or destination, you need to have efficient and repeatable systems in place. In my business we have golf pros, medical practitioners, fitness coaches and mental coaches all working together. For this system to work we all have to stay in our lane and focus on our personal expertise. Saying that, we also need to always know what each member of the team is doing. I need to know what the golf pro is doing from a technical standpoint, my medical team and I have to meet on limitations and injury prevention techniques and my mental coaches share with us the best delivery methods to maximize our communication with the athlete. It is very similar to navigating your way through the Tokyo Subway System. Every subway line is on its own track. The track intercept at specific junctions and redirects passengers to find the fastest route from the origin to the destination. An athlete is no different. They are led down a track with one member of the team and then they are shifted over to another team member who takes them to the next junction and so on and so on..… At each junction information is shared between the team members to ensure that the lessons from one coach and the themes are carried on in the succeeding session with the next coach. In the end the athlete gets to their destination in the quickest route possible. We use this system at the @thetourlab with our juniors and the same system with our @pgatour players. It doesn’t matter what level your athlete is performing at; systems need to be in place to help them reach their goals efficiently and effectively. Local Jr Championships or the Masters. Just get on the train!#CoachGlass

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