CGP Ep41 Dynamic Scapular Stability

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October 22, 2014
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November 2, 2014

CGP Ep41 Dynamic Scapular Stability

SCAPULARSTABILITYSo lets just say that I am wondering around the World Golf Fitness Summit and I found a magic lantern. I rub the lantern and a magic genie comes out of the bottle. “ I am the Magic hit the dam ball farther genie! I will grant you 3 wishes” Rub the genie bottle and get 3 wishes! The first 2 wishes I would take is scapular stability and pelvic stability! Your like seriously SERIOUSLY Jay? You got 3 wishes and your going to waste 2 of them on scap stab and pelvic stability? Before you get all worked and get you khakis is in a knot let me explain why!

Last summit there was a presenter talking about rotational power slings, forget his name but he was a chiseled handsome fellow in a labcoat. Well as genius as he was he was missing something. You see no matter how strong and dynamic your slings are….if they are not connected to a stable base they are useless!! In this episode we will focus on the scapula and how it works dynamically to create a stabile functional base to transfer power to the arms.

Lets look at a KB Snatch. I use to think that to stabilize the scapula meant you needed to lock it down. I was so wrong! in fact it works dynamically. At one moment the scap is elevated and the muscles are working as decelerators, controlling the load then at the bottom the scape need to lock down so the transition can start to move the weight in the opposite direction. Once it is moving the lower trap and rhomboids work to drive the scape down and in to accelerate the bell up then work as a stabilizer packing the shoulder. But wait! In between, for a brief moment you punch through the bell to smoothly set it in good position and avoid the old wrist breaker! Yeah all the KB trainers are like oooooh shiznick. So its not as easy as you think. but your body doesn’t need to think. It just does it to create fluid beautiful movement! Same thing happens in a golf swing. fluid beautiful dynamic stability. Hope you enjoy my breakdown of scapular stability and how training it dynamically will help you and your athletes create more efficient power!

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