Coach Glass WGFS TED Talk

CGP Ep41 Dynamic Scapular Stability
October 29, 2014
CGP Ep42 Glass&Gill Show #6: Madrid Fun!
November 5, 2014

If you missed the World Golf Fitness Summit you can watch the TED Talks we did on the @mytpi Youtube channel. It was a ton of fun and a unique opportunity to perform a 12 minute talk to 750 people. If you know the Glassman you know I like to talk. Taking a topic which would normally be a 1 hour @PerformBetter Summit topic and boil it down to 12 minutes was a challenge. The TED Talks were followed by a 1/2 hour Hands On session. During the hands on I focused on 3 exercises for Scapular Stability and 3 exercises for the Pelvic Powerhouse. Keep an eye out for a video that Lance Gill and I created for @KVest3D on this very subject. Hope you enjoy this video. Leave a comment and for all you Next Level Members I will be online to answer any of your questions. Check the @jasonglasslab twitter thread for upcoming YoJay chat times! #CoachGlass

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