CGP Ep43 Off Season Training Pt1

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November 7, 2014
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November 12, 2014

CGP Ep43 Off Season Training Pt1

Off Season Training Pt1You want an off season training program for your sport? For any sport? Long time listener Brent Wells does! So this episode we dive deep into the process of building an off season periodized program that will get real results! First place to start is to figure out what you are trying to accomplish by asking the right questions. Its not just about the right answers but more to do with asking the right questions:

1. What are the power/strength requirements of your sport?
2. Do you match these requirements? Time for a Needs Assessment! Choosing the right tests, screens and assessments can be the difference between success or a wasted off season. Make sure you are testing and comparing against the leaders in the sport by using the norms from your sport.
3. How do you test for strength and power?
4. Is it safe for you to test your 1RM? Probably not so we need a better option!

Now you know where you sit in the needs assessment you need to determine whether or not you need strength gains or speed gains. The training program for each of these is very different.
5. Are you going to follow the traditional methods to achieve these physical characteristics like those laid out in Thomas Baechle & Earl in Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning or are you going to use new techniques? Maybe the best approach is a mixture of both. All depends on your sport and your goals!
6. What is your Gym IQ or experience in the gym?

All this and we still couldn’t complete the subject! Oooohhh well I guess we need an Off Season Training part 2 next week! Enjoy and share with your friends and colleagues to help grow the community and help us Inspire Other to Greatness! #DreamBig #overDeliver #BeUnDeniable Cheers #CoachGlass

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