Feel Better Play Better: Road Workout

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December 31, 2014
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Feel Better Play Better: Road Workout

This is a great workout to blow the cobwebs off after a long flight. Most hotels have a gym nowadays with some free weights and bench. Thats all you need to have a great workout! I travel a lot and when I get off a flight and check in the hotel the first thing I do is get on my workout gear and head to the gym. Not all gyms are built the same. Some have more equipment and some have less. All I want is a good blast to reverse the effects of travel. This workout is designed for you to follow along. If you want to just watch for technique and then take the exercise order to the gym with you I have listed the exercise order below.
Road Workout:
Start with a dynamic warm up. I recommend a 5 minute interval sprint on the treadmill or run the stairs at the hotel to get your body ready for this circuit.

Bench Burpies 10 Reps
Perfect PushUps 10 Reps
Bent Over Row 12 Reps/Side
DeadLift Upright Row 6 Reps
DeadLift Muscle Snatch 6 Reps
Squat2Curl Squat2Press 6 Reps

Enjoy! #CoachGlass
Note:This workout is from my Feel Better Play Better DVD. Its an oldie but a goodie! I know athletes that have been using this DVD for years and still keep coming back to these workouts. Now you don’t have to order the DVD!

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