Dynamic Warm Up for the Gym

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January 7, 2015
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Dynamic Warm Up for the Gym

Dynamic Warm Up for the Gym

This warm up should be performed before every workout. This is a basic warm up that will prepare the body for the workout ahead. I like to separate the workout into Dynamic Warm Up, Performance Circuit, Dynamic Cool Down. On this site I post numerous Performance Circuits but all should be initiated with a good dynamic warm up!

The purpose of the dynamic warm up is to:

Increase body temperature.

Stimulate Neural/Muscular Connection.

Increase Athleticism and Coordination.

Simulate movement patterns associated with the exercise that are to be performed in the workout.

Include stability and mobility drills creating a balance between these 2 key elements of function movement.

Gradually increase the intensity of the workout to prepare the mind and body for the workout ahead.

These exercises are specially designed to prepare your body for the best workout possible. You can add and subtract exercises based on your personal needs. Just make sure you properly prepare your body for the stresses you are about to be applied to it. The warmup is more important than the workout! No matter how great your strength circuit is designed it means nothing if you leave the session injured. Follow the exercises listed below to ensure that you cover all the major movement patterns that you will be potentially be performing during your workout.

Skipping High Knees (2 Laps)
Kick the Butt (2 Laps)
Lateral Shuffle (2 Laps)
Cariocas (2 Laps)
Lunge with Rotation (1 Lap/Direction)
Skaters (2 Laps)
Lizard Crawls (1 Lap)
Toe Touch/Extensions (3 Reps)
Multi-Segmental Rotations (2 Reps)
Side Bends (2 Reps)
Lateral Lunge Posts (6 Reps/Leg)

**By the way…. I purposely left out the music track on this video so you can listen to your own tunes and still hear my coaching points! **

Now go and jump into your workout! Train hard with perfect form and focus. Form and focus trumps everything! Enjoy your workout.

Coach Glass

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