CGP Ep55 Brandon Marcello Functional Breathing

Off Season Training: Power Phase: Athlete
January 29, 2015
Locals Only Podcast Ep3 Dr. Brandon Marcello Overtime!
February 6, 2015

Brandon Marcello Functional Diaphragmatic Breathing is a #HotTopic! Do you truly understand the depth of this topic or are you just inhaling the tag lines? The diaphragm is an amazing organ which not only helps us breathe but is also a massive contributor to true core strength and spinal stability. Dr. Brandon Marcello is an expert on this topic and shares how he uses instructional cues to help his athletes perform at their best! We are lucky to have the opportunity to pick his brain and have some fun discussing this and many other topics on this episode of the #CoachGlassPodcast. Brandon served as the Director of Sports Performance at Stanford where he was instrumental in turning their Varsity Athletics around by taking cutting edge science and mixing it with old school strength and conditioning. Brandon has worked with NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, PGA, WTA athletes just to name a few. Listen, learn, share and get your edumatainment fix! Brought to you by @PerformBetter and @mytpi
Hit Brandon up on Twitter @bmarcello13 and visit his website which has a ton of amazing blogs and info!

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