Locals Only Podcast Ep3 Dr. Brandon Marcello Overtime!

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February 4, 2015
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February 11, 2015

Locals Only Podcast Ep3 Dr. Brandon Marcello Overtime!

Brandon Marcello-2You are in for a treat! This is part 2 of the Dr. Brandon Marcello conversation about the diaphragm and functional breathing. The chat we had on the CoachGlassPodcast was just warming up when we ran out of time and we had to go into OverTime! We kept the mics going exclusively for our Next Level members. Every month we put out the Locals Only Podcast which can only be found right here! I hope you enjoy the discussion as much as Brandon and I enjoyed having it! Brandon goes deep into how the diaphragm separates the body at T12 and discusses the anatomy that innervates and interacts with the diaphragm. Do you know many dysfunctional issues are caused when the diaphragm isn’t functioning properly? You will after listening to this episode. Enjoy and connect with Brandon with your specific questions and comments. Lets make Brandon feel a part of the Coach Glass Next Level family! Hit Brandon up on Twitter @bmarcello13 and visit his website which has a ton of amazing blogs and info! http://www.brandonmarcellophd.com

Dr. Brandon Marcello

Education:           PhD – Sports Nutrition

MS – Exercise Science

Experience:         19 Years

Hometown:         Sarasota, FL


Skill Sets:              High Performance Solutions, Spherical Performance, Speed Development, Recovery & Regeneration, Injury Prevention, Long-Term Athlete Development, Sports Nutrition, Support Integration, Strength & Power Development, Performance Innovation, Movement Analysis, Athlete Assessment & Evaluation, NFL Combine Preparation, Performance Technology, Research.


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