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March 19, 2015
Pelvic Powerhouse Series Chapter 1
March 29, 2015


ImageThis episode is the first of hopefully many #YOJAY Question & Answer Episodes. You ask the questions and I answer them. (I think I may have been the first person to come up with this idea!) I really like this format because it allows us to cover a variety of topics and it really makes our #Glisteners a part of the show. This weeks questions include: 

  1. Nutrition on a Budget
  2. My Fav Rotary Exercise for Juniors
  3. Bizness of Going Niche 
  4. T Spine Mobility drills
  5. And lots of talk about the Budda in da coffee.

If you want to be a part of the #YoJay shows just send me a twitter, Facebook or email from the Next Level and I will feature my favourite questions. The more questions I get the more #YoJay episodes I will create. If its a really good question we may create an entire episode dedicated to that topic. Let me hear you #Glisteners! Till next week….. #DreamBig #OverDeliver and be #UnDeniable. Coach Glass

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