Pelvic Powerhouse Series Chapter 1

March 25, 2015
CGP Ep63 51 Shades of Grey (The Gray Matter between Fitness & Medical)
April 1, 2015

The Pelvis acts like the transmission on a car. It takes the energy from the engine and moves it with just the right amount of torque, speed and direction to maximize power output. The Pelvic Powerhouse has 3 key components. The Pelvic Tilt, Pelvic Rotation, and Pelvic Side bend. When all of these movements are combined in the right order with the correct timing and speed the power of the legs can move up the chain. Rotational Power happens in the pelvis!
The Pelvic Powerhouse Series was created by Lance Gill and myself and promoted by Kvest. It was an amazing project to work on with a man who I respect for his knowledge and expertise and consider him one of my dearest friends. We spent months collaborating and putting the elements together to create a unique video series that breaks down the key elements of pelvic movement and how it relates to rotational power production. The focus of this video is golf but the concepts cross all rotational sports. We wanted to break down each element with an overview of the movement, how to screen for it, correct faulty movement and ultimately enhance performance using advanced exercises. We had a ton of fun developing and producing this project and I am proud to share it with my Next Level Members. Each month I will release one chapter of this series so you will have time to practice the elements and put them in play in your facilities, gyms or on the range. Each month I will set aside time to answer your question on the YoJay section of our Next Level Members Site. I hope you enjoy the Pelvic Powerhouse.
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