SPORT Specific Phase (Golf Specific Phase)

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April 8, 2015
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SPORT Specific Phase (Golf Specific Phase)

If you have been following along through that off season you would have completed the Removing Limitations Phase, Strength and Power Phases and now you are ready to take all that hard work and adapt it to the needs of your sport! The Sport Specific phase is probably the most misunderstood phases of an athlete’s Yearly Training Plan and also one of the most important. I have seen so many athletes come out of the off season with a new body, new horsepower, new muscles but don’t know what to do with it. They are bulky and uncoordinated. They lost their feel! This is due to a lack of focus in the transition phase between power and executing on the field of play.
Sport Specific Phase is where we take all that new horsepower we developed in the Power Phase and turn it into athletic rotary movement! The video below will lead you through some of the drills and exercises to help you become more athletic, maintain your posture and spine angel while rotating, and prepare your body for the Competitive Season.

Sport/Golf Specific Phase Program:
Perform this workout 3x/week with your 4th workout consisting of some of the power and strength elements from your previous phases. (For Exercise descriptions/technique review the Sport Specific Phase (SSP) video and the Key Exercises (KE) section below)

Dynamic Warm Up:
Movement Matrix: 8reps/movement/direction (See Sport Specific Phase Video)
Dynamic Warm Up for the Gym: (Optional: See Video Archive)
Circuit: Repeat Circuit: Perform 3X with rest between sets.
Disassociation Plank: 10 reps/side (Optional: Add Push Up between reps) (SSP)
Rotational Squat to Press: 10 reps/arm (SSP)
Lateral Bound Torso Turns: 12 Reps (SSP)
Single Leg Deadlift Reach: 10 reps/leg (KE)
Resisted 180 Jumps: 6 Reps/direction (KE)
1/4 Squat Contralateral Reach 20 reps/leg(KE)
Cool Down:

Kinoga (See Video Archive)

Key Exercises:

Single Leg Deadlift Reach:
-Maintain a long spine throughout lift.
-Step forward into a single leg deadlift.
-Keep your up leg and spine in one line.
-Reach dowel out away from you until your arms, shoulders, hips, and up leg are all in a line.
-Return slowly to starting position.

1/4 Squat Contralateral Reach (KE)
photo 2 copy 2
-Place a cone in front of standing leg.
-Stand tall with elevated knee at 90 degrees.
-Reach with opposite hand towed the cone/KB while keeping your head and chest up.
-Return to starting position.
-Repeat as fast as possible while maintaining balance and form.

Resisted 180 Jumps (Watch Video Below)

-Place band around hips.
-Wrap yourself with the band by rotating your entire body while the band stays fixed.
-Jump 180 degrees followed by 180 degrees back.

The Sport Specific Phase is short but the exercises used in this phase can be performed during the Competitive or Maintenance Phase as well. This should be fun! You get to be an athlete. This workout shouldn’t leave you stiff or sore after the initial burn in the legs you will feel after your circuit. You should feel a renewed sense of balance, posture and stability. You should have enough energy left to get a few more hours of technical practice in and get your game ready for the competitive season!
Enjoy! If you have any questions or you want to connect with your fellow Next Level members go to the YoJay section and get involved in the conversation!

Coach Glass

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