NL LOCALS ONLY PODCAST: Chris Davie Overtime!

CGP Ep65 Chris Davie Edmonton Oilers ATC
April 15, 2015
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April 16, 2015

NL LOCALS ONLY PODCAST: Chris Davie Overtime!

Its Overtime! Locals Only Podcast is for Next Level locals only! Chris Davie is the ATC for the Edmonton Oilers hockey club. We are sitting in the Oiler’s locker room before the last game of the season and breaking it down for you! This episode we dive into the pre game preparation, training, treating and working as a team.

IMG_0983Did you know that each arena “barn” in the NHL have equipment standards that are required by the league that include standardized fitness gear, treatment tables, and medical equipment? I didn’t! Thats why these conversations are so cool! Here is the portable training equipment sled!

How does a Integrated Support Team communicate and share their technical info? Planes trains and automobiles thats how! Chris shares his favourite books and his thirst for information and how he integrates it into his practice. We also discuss how to deal with athletes that want to get back in the game before they’re ready. How the NHL deals with concussions and have developed protocols to protect the players.  Chris shares an unbelievable story about the worst injury he ever experienced over his 17 years in the NHL! You will be amazed by the outcome. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Cheers Everybody and thank you for being a part of the Next Level!

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