In Season Training Session

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May 30, 2015
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June 3, 2015

In Season Training Session

In Season training refers to training session performed during the season of competition. If you have been following along with our Coach Glass YTP General Guideline you will see our focus is to prepare the body for the competition while maintaining all the hard work we have accomplished in the off season.


For some athletes we may just take them through the warm up and do some activations. For others we can give them a full training session like this one on the day of an event or after the event is completed. Knowing your athlete and listening to their needs will determine the intensity and duration of the session.

This film highlights an In Season Training Session with professional golfer Cory Renfrew @C_Renfrew. Saying that it could be any athlete from any rotational sport on the week of a tournament or event. I get asked a lot about what kind of training you do with an athlete the week of an event? What type of exercises do you use to prepare your rotational athletes for competition? We are flooded with requests to see a real time session to experience the tempo, teaching cues and flow of a Coach Glass training session. So here it is!

Coaches: The best way to use this film is to think less about what we are doing but more why we are doing it. This athlete has a very high Gym IQ or a ton of experience in the gym with me. His work capacity is high and he is a great athlete. If he wasn’t in such great shape we would have to reduce the intensity and take longer transitions between exercises and drills. Pay close attention to the flow and structure. We warm up, get some technical work out of the way while he is fresh, fire up the training section and then address some issues he was experiencing during the cool down. The end result is a player getting his training session in a short time space, accomplish good motor patterning, reinforce quality movement for his sport, left him with a sense of confidence and most importantly a smile on his face.
I always say to my staff. Every student should leave with sweat on their brow, a smile on their face and feel like the session has enhanced their game. If you can do that you have succeeded as a coach.

Athletes: You can use this film as a follow along training session. I have transcribed the exercises from this film below for your reference. Follow along and keep the intensity high! Enjoy it!

In Season Training Program: Cory Renfrew

Dynamic Warm Up:
High Knees
Kick the Butt
Side Shuffle
Standing Long Jumps
Multi Segmental Rotations
Side Bends
Anterior Chain Stretch
Rotational Sling Lunge
Lateral Lunge to Post

Technical Focus Section:
Pelvic Tilts
Pelvic Rotations
Torso Rotation
Pelvic PowerHouse
Load & Fire Drill
Bounding Torso Rotations

Medball Press & Sprint
Medball Baseline Toss

Squat to Press
Jump Squat
Lateral Lunge to Press
Rainbow Pass

Scapular Press
1/2 Kneeling Row
Square StanceResist Rotations ( Press, Perturbations, Cross Country)
Horizontal Rotational Chops
Split Stance Resist Rotations
Horizontal Rotational Chops
Reverse Lunge with Valgus Correction (Add Rotation)
(Repeat all the above on other side)

Cool Down:
Diaphragmatic Breathing/Bracing Lesson
Standing Sling Testing (Reinforce)
Lat/Low Back Stretch
Trainer Led Stretch (Hamstring, Calves, Glutes)

If you would like to see more session like this send us a #YOJAY and let us know what you want to see!
Follow and support our featured athlete on twitter @c_renfrew and follow his journey on the PGA, and Canadian PGA Tour! I have been training Cory since his days at UBC where he was the 1st golfer to win Athlete of the Year at this athletic juggernaut of a University. Has played numerous PGA Tour, Web and minter tournaments and has the nickname Mr.59 for shooting a 59 in a pro event a few years back. Amazing athlete, even better person!

Coach Glass

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