CGP Ep80 Janet Alexander Training the Female Athlete

CGP Ep79 Bret Contreras “The Glute Guy”
June 25, 2015
CGP Ep81 Next Level Training
July 8, 2015

CGP Ep80 Janet Alexander Training the Female Athlete

Janet AlexanderThis could be one of the most important topics in strength and conditioning today. How to train the female athlete. So many fitness professionals provide women with the same exercise programs as they do for their male clients. Others that are switched on enough to design programs specifically for women end up creating programs that don’t take into account the fluctuating hormone levels that occur throughout a women’s cycle. If you truly understand the science behind hormones and the menstrual cycle you can optimize the training effects all month round! Janet Alexander is arguably the World’s top expert when it comes to maximizing strength gains and performance change in the female athlete. Janet and I chat about this “taboo” subject and a whole host of other juicy topics. Come along for the ride! Hope you enjoy it! @performbetter @mytpi #CoachGlassNextLevel #DreamBig #OverDeliver #BeUndeniable Coach Glass

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