Rotational Power-Lower Body Engagement

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July 8, 2015
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Rotational Power-Lower Body Engagement

Rotational Power is what we seek, it is the Holy Grail in sports. Problem is that most throwers, swingers, strikers and spinners focus on upper body dominant exercises to increase rotational power. In this video we are going to visit the base of support that anchors the rotational slings that create the sexy powerful movements for the upper body.
Sling Functional

Maximal power outputs require power lifting, olympic lifting, sagittal hip hinge and vertical thrust exercises. This isn’t rocket science! The problem is that most trainers and athletes neglect to train the muscles that anchor down the base of support and also initiate rotational movement. If you look at the rotational slings you will see that they all interact with or innervate the pelvis. The muscles that control the pelvis in the transverse plane are predominantly controlled by the adductors and abductors. I remember an old golf instructor I had who said in the loading phase you should feel like you are letting a dog run through your legs and on the unloading phase you should pinch the dogs tail with your knees. Brilliant!

The loading phase involves you engaging the abductors to brace and limit moment of the lower body creating a solid base to load the rotational slings. On the unloading phase you need to engage the adductors which will squeeze the legs together and anchor the anterior slings used to create rotational force in the direction of the target.
Loading Phase:
Unloading Phase:
This video just takes you through a basic progression and the cues I use with my athletes. I will do another video in the near future with the deep science behind this concept but for the meantime watch the Push & Pull and Pelvic PowerHouse Series for more detail on this topic. The idea of this video is to just talk to you like you are my client looking for better use of the lower body in a rotational movement. Simple, usable tomorrow and effective. Hope you like it!
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