CGP Ep104 Push It or Rest It?

Level 1 Kinoga
December 12, 2015
A Strength Coach’s Perspective FMS, SFMA, TPI
December 23, 2015

EP104Should you train when your tired, sore or unmotivated? Is it better to push through regardless of what your body is telling you or should you base the intensity of your workout on your current state? What if you had technology that would tell you if you were “ready” for battle? In this episode I discuss new monitors that indicate what your “Window of Trainability” is and what kind of activity you should perform to maximize your performance. I also discuss how much information we should share with our athletes. Too much information could be doing them a disservice! We also discuss technology that can track your workouts and potentially push you harder in your sessions. Knowing that the technology will hold you accountable to your pre workout expectations could be all you need to kick your butt into shape! @perform_better @mytpi #CoachGlassNextLevel #DreamBig #OverDeliver #BeUndeniable Coach Glass

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