NL High Threshold Two

CGP Ep161 Brian Nguyen Part 2
December 6, 2016
CGP Ep162 Training Camp
December 14, 2016

This NLHT2 session is the next progression from NL High Threshold One (NLHT1). You must have mastery of the movements in NLHT1 before starting this session. Its only natural for you to be motivated to move through these levels as fast as you can. Moving too quickly will have negative affects that will show up later in the program. “I wonder why I am progressing slower than expected?” The high threshold section is the most important section of the entire Next Level Program. It may not be the sexiest but it is the foundation that all your athleticism, strength and power will be built upon.
Follow the exercises or movements in this video and pay attention to your form and the cues provided by The Coach! Its not about quantity its about quality. We are training the nervous system not stressing the muscle. Increasing the resistance is NOT the goal. Its about mastery of movement. Take your time in this phase and don’t be too quick to progress to the next video. The longer you stay here the closer to mastery you will get. Be patient grasshopper! Here is the list of exercises in the video and the cues for you to follow when you no longer require the follow along video. It is important to experience the training session in both formats for deeper learning.

Here is a downloadable PDF for you to print off and take to the gym! NL High Threshold Two

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