Coach Glass Autobiography

CGP Ep224 Sport Psych | Regression to the Mean
February 14, 2018
Coach Glass, Top Golf Coach, Conditioning Specialist
February 19, 2018

Coach Glass Autobiography

I am asked all the time: “Coach, how did you get started” “Where did your perspective on fitness and human performance come from?” “ Why is your sense of humour so twisted and often inappropriate?” “What do I need to do to get on stage and present MY training and coaching philosophy?” Well, this podcast trilogy will answer all those questions. In the first instalment I share where my #DreamBig concept came from. We will go for a journey from the conception of the Coach to graduation day and everything in between. I share the story of how I ran my first small business out of my locker in high school and where my insatiable urge to grind, create and over deliver comes from! One of my favourite quotes is “Don’t follow the path of the greats but instead study what motivated them and inspired them to take the path they travelled.” Im sure I screwed this quote up but you get the idea! Listen to the stories and connect the dots on how your similar experiences have imprinted greatness in you.

Would you take a job if you knew exactly how much money you would make, how often you get a raise, what your retirement day is, what you will get for your retirement and everything else in your career is predetermined. Or are you like me and just the thought of this gives you a pee shiver? Figuring out what drives you is such a huge determinant on whether or not you fulfill your destiny. Do you like the safe, controlled, planned life or do you want to jump off the cliff and build your wings on the way down? What do you do when you are faced with an obstacle that will slow down your progress? Do you have what it takes to make huge changes and adapt to an ever changing environment? Here is my story on how I made choices in my life when faced with these questions. This Epidode is part 2 of the Coach Glass Autobiography (Am I the worst or what?) We talk college, my first job as a personal trainer, the evolution of my first sports performance company, Kinetica, and how it helped me develop a unique skill set that is the foundation of my training system. I also share how I built a successful client base from nothing and created my own style of training……. do I need to go on? Just listen!!!

Have you ever wanted something so bad you are vibrating at the thought of attaining it? What did you do about it? Did you take steps each day to make it a reality? Did you wake up each day ready to leap over obstacles in your path and make a mental commitment to be undeniable? If so… you need to listen to this! In this episode I share with you how I got my first job as the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at a major University, how I created a problem that only I could fix just to get a job and how over delivering before your future employer or client even knows you want the job can lead to a dream career! I share the story of how I went from taking TPI Level 1 classes to teaching them. If these stories don’t make you dust off that dream that you conceded defeat on years ago, you don’t have a pulse!

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