CGP Ep247 Travel Like a BOSS!

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July 11, 2018
CGP Ep248 CBD Oil: The Wonder Supplement
July 25, 2018

I have to plan the travel strategies for my pro athletes. They have tight travel schedules that take them all around the globe and they need to perform at the highest level once the rubber hits the runway! Its no different than a business executive who lands in a foreign country and needs to ink the deal of the century! Wanna travel like a BOSS? Want to avoid wasting the first 2 days of your trip acclimatizing to your new time zone? Of course your answer is yes. We all try to cram in so much into our travel plans to ensure we optimize every second of the trip and we don’t miss a thing. Or even worse, just so you could squeeze in one more day abroad, you convinced yourself that you could work the day after you return. If you listen to this week’s podcast you will have all the tools you need to travel like a BOSS! Tips on what to do the day you depart, what to take on the plane, strategies for staying a wake or sleeping the entire flight, first thing you do when you arrive, and how to return home and hit the ground running! Literally! I have to plan the travel for my pro athletes. They have tight travel schedules that take them all around the globe and they need to perform once the rubber hits the runway!

Here are my Cole’s Notes:

* Don’t eat unless you are in first class. It will take you as long to clear it from your system as it was designed to sit in the plastic microwaveable tray it lived in for the past few months.
* Wanna Sleep? High Carbs to promote sleep plus ZMA/CBD
* Wanna Stay Awake? High protein no carbs for alertness
* You can’t drink enough water
* If you are flying over the destinations night sleep early in the flight. Carb up and go to sleep

Upon Arrival:
* Get on their eating schedule ASAP
* If it’s morning eat a breakfast that triggers your mind to think breakfast
* After dinner have a desert before bed to increase carb and help trigger sleep. ZMA
* Sit in steam room or create one by using the shower on full for 20 min. Steam helps hydrate you and helps respiration
* Eat clean low carb early in the day.
* Squint directly into the sun for 10 seconds x 3 when feeling tired.
* Scottish shower in the am! Warm then 10sec cold then warm up and repeat 3x

Use these tips and listen to episode 247 for the full story and a little Edumatainment that just may help you sleep if you are struggling with insomnia!

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