High Triplexity Training

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September 10, 2018
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September 19, 2018

High Triplexity is a term I came up with to describe the style of training that I use to help my athletes perform at their maximal potential. I use to use the term High Threshold but the concept has evolved and become something much broader than a simple transition from Corrective Exercises to Strength and Power. The basic premise is that you can improve an athletes speed, movement efficiency and power outputs without using resistance. I use to take my athletes through a strength prep phase that was, as the name implies, a training period designed to prepare the body for the strength training in the next phase. What I was unaware of at the time was that my athletes were accomplishing the speed and power gains that they initially set forth to acquire before they even reached the strength phase. How is this possible? What we did was take the strength and speed that they already possessed and released it through movement based, multi plane, multi-segmental patterns that challenged the nervous system. Adding complexity instead of resistance, adding neuromuscular challenges instead of stressing the muscles and increasing the braking power over increasing horsepower.  But then I went deeper. Deeper into the coaching aspect of this style of training. Dove deep into the murky waters of how we teach and learn and not just focusing on the exercise being applied. I started to see a pattern. When I added 3 or more components of complexity the athlete would respond with increases in performance. If a movement challenged 3 planes of motion, 3 or more segments of the body, 3 types of contractions, 3 or more aspects of neuromuscular control, or a combination of 1 or more elements from each category combined with 2 or more aspects from other categories. As you can see the the complexity increases as we add layers to the demands put on the athlete. I have now built a 1 and 2 day LoadXplode workshop where I teach these elements and how to integrate them into your training programs. I also built my LoadXplode 16 Week training program based on this system. I just used the term High Threshold when I made the videos. Same concept. Different term.
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