CGP Ep258 Mike Boyle Inside the Mind of a Legend

CGP Ep257 Stressed OUT!
September 26, 2018
CGP Ep259 The Strength of Self Improvement
October 10, 2018

CGP Ep258 Mike Boyle Inside the Mind of a Legend

This is one of my favourite episodes EVER! I am so honoured to have my friend, colleague and mentor Mike Boyle on the show. Mike was so influential in my development as a strength coach. In college, I read his best selling book “Functional Training for Sports” and it changed the way I saw training from that moment forward. Mike is one of the most decorated strength and conditioning coaches in world of sports. From Olympic gold medals in hockey to NHL, NBA, NFL and MLB champions to collegiate and high school athletes and everything in between. He has also developed some of todays top S&C coaches through his Certified Functional Strength Coach certifications and his internship at his Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning Facilities. This is where this conversation took place. I had the opportunity to speak to his staff and share with them my LoadXplode 1 day workshop. BOOM! Humbled!
So what do you chat about when you have your mentor in front of you for an hour? Everything under the sun including the the early days of the @perfrombetter summits, his keynote speech at this year’s event, what it means to be a mentor, finding a work/life balance, marriage, his father, kids and how he is preparing for his next #DreamBIG which could be his biggest accomplishment yet! So many gems, so many golden nugget take aways and so many laughs between to coaches who never take themselves too serious. That may just be the secret to life! I am so grateful for the time we had together and I will play this one back time and time again to remind myself what is truly important in life. Thanks Coach!

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