CGP Ep269 Push It or Rest It

#DreamBIG 33 All IN!!!
December 16, 2018
CGP 2018 Holiday Spectacular
December 24, 2018

There is a time to push it and there is a time to rest it. Knowing the right approach at the right time is the secret sauce to your growth! You may be reading this while you are at your wits end and burning the candle on both ends or maybe you are needing a kick in the butt to push you and challenge you to be your best. It angers me when I share what I accomplish in a week with people who are younger than me and they look at me like Im crazy. “That sounds crazy! What are you training for Jay?” Umm ….LIFE!
Do yo want to be a person who is resilient and ready for any challenge that comes your way? Do you want to be the person who can ramp up and ramp down without the use of external stimulants and depressants?
Do you want to be the person who can handle the little things in life and take on the big issues like a champ?
Im sure the answer to each of these questions is what you think you should say but how many of you truly believe you are that person? This episode is for you! First half is Push It and the last half is all about Rest It and have ownership over your emotions and energy levels.

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