CGP Ep293 #DreamBIG USOpen | Digging In The Dirt

Mike Weir The Interview
June 5, 2019
CGP Ep294 Marketing Yourself To The Team
June 19, 2019

CGP Ep293 #DreamBIG USOpen | Digging In The Dirt

The most democratic Major in golf, with local and sectional qualifying all over the world. You can literally play your way into a Major without ever playing in a PGATour event! And if you play well enough, you to get to play and compete on the largest stage with the best in the world. There are countless amateurs, and unknown mini-tour pros who made it into the US Open at Pebble Beach this week! Before they qualified no one would have given them a shot of playing in a Major in 2019! But they believed, they paid their entry fee and dreamt big. NOW WHAT? Can they overdeliver on it? Did they do the work needed to be undeniable? Did they get their hands dirty on the road to their #DreamBIG? Did they dig deep enough in the dirt? Many people will go through life, not taking a shot, not dreaming big. They’ll be passive viewers, watching other people achieve their dreams, whether that’s launching a successful business, getting that dream guy/girl, landing that big name client, whatever it is, they didn’t dare to dream big or even take a shot. 

Francis Oumet won the US Open in 1913, he was a 20 year old kid, an amateur, who beat the best players in the game that week. The same could happen this week for an amateur or unknown mini tour pro, a life changing event because they decided to dream big. This episode is to congratulate the players who decided to dream big, are playing at Pebble beach this week in the Open.

My guys Andrew Putnam and Mike Weir will be there, giving it their all, because their Dream Big isn’t just playing, it’s winning this week, and because it’s so strong, I’m moved to do everything I can to help and support them. That’s something we forget, if you put enough energy behind your Dream Big, it will inspire others to support you, push you, join your team, stay late, work harder, people who care about you want to see you achieve your very best, that’s how you know who really has your back. Go tell your friends and family what your Dream Big is, tell them what you’re working towards, you’ll get haters, you’ll see the doubt on some faces. Ignore that. Surround yourself with the ones that support you, and if there aren’t any people near you to support you join our Facebook group or Next Level Membership, we’ve got your back, we’ll support you. But don’t you dare let anyone in your current circle’s negativity or insecurities affect your Dream Big.

I have one question for you as we end this. Are you going to take a shot, ignore the haters, are you going to Dream Big, Over Deliver and Be Undeniable? Then I commend you my friend, and our community is here to support you every step of the way.  

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