CGP Ep303 BIKES!!! Disco Spin Class to Peloton

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August 14, 2019
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August 28, 2019

CGP Ep303 BIKES!!! Disco Spin Class to Peloton

This is another edition of The Coach experimenting with new forms of fitness. Let me start by saying I hate BIKES! I don’t own one and don’t want one. I once fell off a stationary bike. That should tell you everything. But for your edumatainment I ventured into the murky waters of Spin Class, Peloton and Downhill Mountain Biking! In the past I tackled CrossFit, Hot Yoga and Pilates. In this episode I share my experience  of a week at disco spin classes, test driving the Peloton bike and headed to Crankworx which is the Super Bowl of mountain biking. I discuss my thoughts on doing one style of fitness exclusively and the ramifications that come with this approach. I compare the metabolic load of Spin and compare it running, hiking and lifting. The good, the bad and ugly. My sits bones are still sore so you are welcome…I hope you are entertained. Want to challenge The Coach to try a new activity? Send us a #YOJAY and let us know what you want me to dive into next! 

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