CGP Ep310 Declutter Your Life

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October 9, 2019
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October 23, 2019

CGP Ep310 Declutter Your Life

Free your mind and the rest will follow…. 

To be creative and productive I need to create an environment that is conducive to the task at hand. I struggle with multi tasking so any distraction will take me away from the focused task at hand. I basically have 5 key elements to my business and each one requires my undivided attention each day. Below is a list of things I do in my life to ensure that I am 100% focussed and productive everyday:

Clear a path to better sleep!

I need a clean, clutter free room, with blackout blinds, crisp clean sheets and the room temperature as cold as possible.  To ensure I have a clean bed and clutter free room I know I need to ensure that all my clothes are put away each day and I start the day by making the bed.  Starting your day with making your bed is not a new concept but for many of you this could be a catalyst that starts a snowball affect of productivity in your day.  Especially if you are single.  “Why make my bed if I am just going to get back in it and mess it up again tonight?”  Making your bed creates a mindset of order in your life.  You start the day with a win!  You have completed your first task of the day.  An easy task but a completed task non the less.  When you finish your day you will come home to a nice crisp, clean bed for you to climb into.  This is your opportunity to thank the former self for setting the stage for a great night of slumber.  You will remember that positive feeling upon waking and want to repeat the procedure again.

Clear your desktop! 

The same can be said about your place of work or the environment that you express your creativity.  If you set the stage properly you will create a setting that will allow 100% focus and dedication to the task at hand.  If you walk into your office and your desk is covered in clutter, your mind will be distracted and cluttered all day.  Picture walking in your office with your desk clear of anything other than your laptop and mouse.  Maybe a ficus in the corner and a picture of your favourite kid but that’s it!  How productive could you be?  What if you turn on your computer and the desktop is clear other than the screensaver you put on it of your entire family including your other kid, pet or #dreambig.  You check your email inbox and see that you have 5 new emails in your otherwise empty inbox.  No flags, notifications, or unopened junkmail.  No tabs on your web browser of unfinished searches from the day before.  Just a fresh new computer, clutter free and a blank slate to start your day.  Now I know it is a pipe dream to have this on a daily basis but if the thought of it gave you some joy, I believe this is the direction we should be moving toward to free ourselves from the shackles of over cluttered life. 
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