CGP Ep323 Coach: Failures & Setbacks

CGP Ep322 Athlete: Understanding & Managing Injury
January 15, 2020
CGP Ep324 Andrew Putnam PGATour
January 29, 2020

CGP Ep323 Coach: Failures & Setbacks

Great coaches aren’t forged from their athlete’s triumphs. Great coaches emerge from the murky muddy waters created by their athlete’s failures and setbacks. The outside world gives you accolades for the wins and the memorable performances that you were able to help cultivate. Where are they when your athlete is struggling? That is where the REAL work is being done. A great coach has to be able to dive deep into the depths of the murky waters and pull their athlete up through support, clarifying their purpose in the world and providing perspective. An athlete’s developmental journey is not a linear line. There are highs and lows along their path to greatness. Great coaches can identify and in many cases predict the dips in performance and plateaus and have the skill set to right the ship and efficiently get it back on the path. Some people think that great coaching takes technical skills, great eye for detail and a confident motivating presence. I think great coaching requires empathy, vulnerability and sincerity. But what do I know? 

This week’s episode is for you Coach! Doesn’t that feel good? Being called Coach? Listen and learn my compadre! 

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