CGP Ep336 Are You A Pro Or A Joe?

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April 15, 2020
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April 29, 2020

CGP Ep336 Are You A Pro Or A Joe?

Are you a Pro or a Joe? Simple question. One eats sleeps and breathes their passion and the other picks it up whenever they get a chance and then returns back to their regular scheduled programming. Im not judging either way. But I will judge you if you say you are a Pro but you act like a Joe. I much prefer a Joe who acts like a Pro when they get a chance to work on their game. Epictetus once said, “How much longer will you wait to expect the best form yourself?” Can you answer that question? In this episode I get a little fired up! I can’t help it when I see people under delivering on themselves. In their sport, careers and relationships. I share some insider stories on how you can learn from the pros and get big gains in your regular Joe life! 

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