CGP Ep340 #YOJAY Your Questions Answered

Rotational Slings & Things
May 13, 2020
CGP Ep341 Zoom Calls and Instagram Live? Enough Already!
May 27, 2020

CGP Ep340 #YOJAY Your Questions Answered

Thank you to everyone who sent in #YOJAYs over the past 2 months. I saw a theme building in everyone’s personal stories and questions and felt it was time to put it on wax! I always say that if the same questions keep coming up there are probably 1000’s of others wondering the same thing! In this episode I flush out the topic of how we all need to navigate the “New Norm” and give  specific advice to each Glisten’s situation. 

Topics covered in this #YOJAY: How do you navigate all the free content on social media?  How do you decide who to follow and who to remove from your thread? Advice for a young coach entering the fitness industry during this transitional time? How do you compete against the saturated online fitness market?  How can I improve my online training platform. What does the Coach do to keep himself sane during social distancing? How do you become a Closer in times like this? How does the Coach plan on being a Closer in 2020? Is there going to be a Mentorship this year? All these questions and so much more will be answered on this episode of #YOJAY! 

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