CGP Ep343 Go To WORK!

CGP Ep342 The Rebirth
June 3, 2020
June 17, 2020

CGP Ep343 Go To WORK!

The great philosopher Kool Moe D once said,”I go to work like a doctahhh!” In these times of uncertainty and change the one thing that has kept me sane is work. I know that sounds counter intuitive to many people who are out of work, working from home, changing professions or working under new conditions that won’t allow you to work like you use too. I have found that work gives you purpose. Before you role your eyes at me let me define what it means to work. Work means putting time and energy toward a predetermined purpose. (Don’t look that up as a definition because I just made it up to help me make my point) Your work could be finding more work! Your work may be working on your home. I have found incredible sense of purpose and accomplishment over the past months by painting our bedroom, tearing down our fence and planting a hedge, building a retaining wall and renovating a bathroom. I love seeing the finished product!

My day job on the other hand involves me training pro athletes who cant compete in their sport and building a long term project which I won’t see the results from for months. Both of aspects of my job involve work without the satisfaction of seeing a finished product. If I mow the lawn I can look at the perfect lines and quality edging and know that I did a great job. But what if you are working on projects with no end in sight. Or you have no project at all?The secret is to set your alarm Monday to Friday. Get your ass out of bed when you hear it go off and go to WORK! Not getting paid? Go to WORK at doing something that will lead to pay in the future. Go to WORK! Dont know what to work on? Sit down at your computer and research and write what you want to do and how you want to do it. Then work on doing that! Go to WORK!The other option is sit around and worry, wonder and focus on what you are unable to do. Work on your resume, build a new website, work on your health, write a newsletter or even better a personalized letter to your clients. Go to WORK! Get dressed and at the end of the day change your clothes. This will signify the end of your work day. On the weekend don’t turn on your computer to signify that your weekend has arrived. Sit in the sun and have a cold beer. You worked all week and deserve it.Or drink everyday to numb the pain of not having anything to do and kill the boredom. Wake up with a cloudy mind as you look to see what time it is and then pull yourself out of bed to get your phone so you can return back to your warm bed and scroll through the problems of the world and watch others living their lives. Fuck that! Go to WORK! Depression is an easy thing to slip into when you feel you have no purpose. Stop focussing on the world around you and focus on what you have control over. YOU! Create a purpose and work to fulfill it! GO TO……just do it!

Love you guys! 

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