The Mentorship Podcast | Jordan Jeske

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July 8, 2020
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July 22, 2020

The Mentorship Podcast | Jordan Jeske

The Mentorship Podcast, the series where my former Mentoree becomes my Mentor. We are excited to offer this Podcast on YouTube for those of you who prefer a visual format. Please subscribe, write a review and rate to help us grow the podcast! The podcast is free but your support is invaluable! 

This week’s show features Jordan Jeske @jeske_golflife from the Coach Glass Mentorship Class of 2016. Jordan is a true trail blazer and master of creating community and culture in every venture he takes on. He has changed the face of golf and fitness in Edmonton and his business model is now being copied around the golfing world. He just opened his flagship training facility @theprojct_yeg and continues to rock the house party at the drop of a hat at @thegolfsociety_yeg. In this episode we talk about building community in your business. This is a pillar tot the Mentorship program and Jordan could teach a master class in it. We also discuss the journey to owning and operating your own facility through the cultivating culture lens. 

If you prefer the audio only version:

We are proud to announce the 2020 Mentorship application is now open! Apply NOW! We are only taking 10 people so if you are looking for brand, personal and professional development that is tailor made to help you #DreamBIg, OverDeliver and BeUndeniable…this is your opportunity. 

I want to give a special thanks to all the sponsors for their continued support of the show. K-Motion @kmotion3d has blown the doors off the baseball world with their Baseball Certification. Perform Better @performbetter use code “GLASS15” at checkout to buy your Mace, Kettlebells and bands. MyTPI for upcoming dates and event. Without them I wouldn’t be able to afford the time and produce the podcast to the level we do each and every week.

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