CGP Ep349 The Science of Balance Training

The Mentorship Podcast | Jordan Jeske
July 15, 2020
CGP Ep350 #YOJAY Buffet
July 29, 2020

CGP Ep349 The Science of Balance Training

In today’s episode we are dropping science like Galileo dropped the orange! Balance isn’t sexy but it sure makes a HUGE performance enhancement when its maximized. We go DEEP into the CNS and the various ways our body receives and delivers stimulus to keep us standing on our own two feet. I also share the Coach Glass Single Knee Balance Screen which is an assessment and fantastic exercises for hip, pelvis and core control. This screen is an advanced test from the @mytpi Single Leg Balance Test. Some challenging exercises for the beginner, intermediate and advanced athlete await. After listening to this episode you will throw out your Bosu Balls and get Grandma some kettlebells and put her to work! Ohh we also have a few laughs and my silly goose comes out for a visit. Jump in with both feet into the Science of Balance Training. 

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