CGP Ep383 F%@K Cancer

CGP Ep382 Change
March 3, 2021
CGP Ep384 The Future of Golf…REALLY?
March 16, 2021

CGP Ep383 F%@K Cancer

In this episode I share some remarkable findings on how we can prevent cancer and fight it through changes in lifestyle. Cancer came into my immediate bubble to finish off 2020 and has been a focus for our family since. Good news is the cancer scare was just that, a scare, but the rabbit hole we all went down was terrifying. Books, journals and countless doctors appointments put me on an educational pipeline I hadn’t anticipated. Im glad it did as we will all be healthier because of it. In this episode I share some of the findings that really opened my eyes to this disease and how we can take steps to reduce the risk of it entering our lives in the future. It is not meant to scare or trigger you. I am just sharing what I have learnt and what I feel you are capable of incorporating into your daily routines and eating habits.

Eat Clean: Eat the rainbow does not mean eat Skittles. Eat as many diverse fruits and vegetables as possible. Plants decrease your chance of getting cancer with every bite.

Manage Inflammation: Chronic inflammation is usually environmental or lifestyle based. De-Flam foods found in Asian and Indian cuisine like turmeric, ginger, garlic and green leafy veggies will help decrease inflammation and reduce the negative cellular environment needed for cancer to proliferate.

Avoid Obesity: This goes without saying so why say it? Every pound of adipose tissue creates 5 miles of blood vessels. Cancer cells need blood vessels to fuel their growth.

Reduce Omega 6 & Increase Omega 3: Eat less processed foods and eat more foods high in Omega 3 or worst case, supplement it!

This is just a sample of the many tips and insights I jam packed in this episode that hits close to home. Share with someone you love!

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