CGP Ep384 The Future of Golf…REALLY?

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March 10, 2021
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March 24, 2021

CGP Ep384 The Future of Golf…REALLY?

“Dechambeau is the future of golf!” “Revolutionizing the game” “The science of MAT will change the way we train the next generation of golfers!” I could go on but I think you get the idea. If you watched the Arnold Palmer Classic or The Players Championship this past weekend you would have listened to about 192 hours of this jibber jabber. Yes, it is very exciting but we need to put the brakes on for a minute and discus what is really happening. People want to create a world of black or white, red or blue , good vs bad. This is not possible in this debate. This topic is DEEP in the grey minoush of the middle. If I get one more email, text or DM asking me about my thoughts on the MAT (Muscle Activation Technique) and the work that Greg Roskopf is doing with Bryson I will seriously duff my tee shot. 2 Years ago the same messages came in asking, “So what do you think about Coach Joey D? Brooks Koepka’s heavy lifting is the future.” Where were the emails when Justin Thomas won, who by the way comes from the same camp! Where are the Tweets about Collin Morikawa, Cantlay, or the 47 year old Lee Westwood? It takes more than muscle to win on tour. Bryson has so much more in his arsenal than just long drives. But all you want to focus on is…

The argument I am getting from people who are making gross generalizations is that MAT training or heavy lifting is the complete opposite of the way I train my athletes. They want to pit TPI vs these “new” training techniques without knowing that TPI has been teaching Olympic lifting, kettle bell training, opposite side training, deceleration training, muscle activation, nueromuscualr training and yes corrective training for over a decade! I train with heavy resistance with some of my athletes some of the time. Both Rob Roskopf and Joey D screen their athletes before designing training programs. I just don’t see where people are drawing the distinction. It is naive to think that the strength and conditioning community would somehow be divided on this topic. We may debate how much of one vs the other and at what time and what intensity but we all follow the same science.

This stuff is nothing new! I feel there is a new breed of golf coaches who don’t have enough information about human performance to have a valid opinion but have just enough information to be dangerous. In the world of human performance, force plates, biomechanics, and the use of advanced physics is nothing new. It is new to golf because technology that we use to use in University labs and the Olympic training centers are now affordable enough for coaches to personally own. The science is not new! Its just a new application of it. As you can see I am fired up! This episode goes DEEP into this topic. Listen to the full episode before you get in on the debate. You don’t know the whole story but after you listen to this… you will at least have my version of it! Coach Glass

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