October 17th, 2014



Systems: To successfully navigate your athlete to reach their goals or destination, you need to have efficient and repeatable systems in place. In my business we have golf pros, medical practitioners, fitness coaches and mental coaches all working together. For this system to work we all have to stay in our lane and focus on our personal expertise. Saying that, we also need to always know what each member of the team is doing. I need to know what the golf pro is doing from a technical standpoint, my medical team and I have to meet on limitations and injury prevention techniques and my mental coaches share with us the best delivery methods to maximize our communication with the athlete. It is very similar to navigating your way through the Tokyo Subway System. Every subway line is on its own track. The track intercept at specific junctions and redirects passengers to find the fastest route from the origin to the destination. An athlete is no different. They are led down a track with one member of the team and then they are shifted over to another team member who takes them to the next junction and so on and so on..… At each junction information is shared between the team members to ensure that the lessons from one coach and the themes are carried on in the succeeding session with the next coach. In the end the athlete gets to their destination in the quickest route possible. We use this system at the @thetourlab with our juniors and the same system with our @pgatour players. It doesn’t matter what level your athlete is performing at; systems need to be in place to help them reach their goals efficiently and effectively. Local Jr Championships or the Masters. Just get on the train!#CoachGlass

October 10th, 2014

Deceleration Training: The Beginnings- The Devun Walsh Story

How losing your teeth and laying unconscious at the bottom of a 60ft cliff revolutionized the fitness industry when it comes to rotational power training!
Deceleration Training: I have been using and developing a concept called deceleration training for the past 10 years. What I have found is that by training the body to rapidly decelerate, you inherently increase the bodies ability to accelerate. I stumbled upon this concept by accident. I was working with one of my snowboard athletes; Devun Walsh. Devun is as one of the greatest backcountry snowboarders in the history of the sport. Even when you are at the top of your game accidents happen. Devun was in the Whistler backcountry jumping off 60ft cliffs when he landed in a hole and had his knees compressed into his face. He was unconscious and lost his front teeth. This could have been a career ending accident but ended up creating a path of training that would forever change the way I trained my athletes. After the accident I decided to change the focus of Devun’s training from explosive rotational training to deceleration training. I started to design exercises that would require Devun to use his legs as a braking system instead of a power generator. Depth jumps, anti-rotation drills, rapid eccentric loading and joint integrity work became the bulk of his sessions. What we didn’t expect was that this new style of training actually had some unexpected benefits. Devun is an avid golfer and like every golfer Devun wanted more distance. Seeing that it was the snowboard off season Devun started playing more golf. His distance was increasing at an alarming rate. The training we were doing in the gym for his snowboarding was increasing his ability to rotate and explode in his golf swing! Devun and I shared these techniques on the Golf Channel’s Titleist Golf Fitness Academy show with Dr.Greg Rose and Dave Phillips a few seasons ago. Since this discovery of this type of training I have been applying these strategies to my golf population, baseball, tennis, football, hockey and any other rotational athlete. What we have seen is an amazing increase in rotational power, decreased injury and overall improved performance. In this weeks Coach Glass Podcast Devun shares his story and how he was able to get back on his snowboard to jump another day. Hope you enjoy! #CoachGlass

October 8th, 2014

CGP Ep38 Devun Walsh Pro Snowboarding Legend

Dev PodcastDevun Walsh is as one of the greatest backcountry snowboarders in the history of the sport. Jumping off 60ft cliffs is what he does for a living and he does it very well (Understatement of the day)! In this episode we talk about FEAR! You think you have fears in your life? Career? Or a fear of pushing your personal performance boundaries to see what you are made of when the chips are on the line? Once you drop in on a 60ft jump you have to have 100% commitment and rely on 1 thing! Your confidence in your preparation and your previous successes and experiences. We draw parallels with fear of failure, first tee jitters, staying true to yourself, and hucking yourself over a road gap. Do we get less risky as we get older? Hell yeah we do! The more you have to lose the more cautious we tread. So how do you compete with people who are willing to put their health and life on the line to make their mark on this world? You stick to what you are good at and believe that quality trumps quantity and do what feels right in your gut. Stay in your comfort zone and take calculated risks with your career or sport. All this and more in this in-depth conversation between 2 old friends, post round with pint in hand! Enjoy. @devwalsh
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October 1st, 2014

CGP Ep37 Correctives & Removing Limitations Phase

Correctives Do you understand how to remove the physical limitations that are getting in the way of your client’s best performance? Do you even know what their limitations are? If your not screening then you are only guessing. Functional corrective exercises are different to 90% of the common exercises you see in your local gym. No sets, no reps and most importantly NO Resistance. This isn’t the time for strength training and putting some meat on that frame. Its about moving better and feeling better so your body is functioning better so you can train as hard as you want without injuring yourself. This old school coach use to train like a meat head and trust me, I was at my best once I addressed my limitations and removed them. Once I was moving better I was able to train at a new intensity and complexity that was previously not possible without compensation. This episode breaks down the concept of corrective exercises and how to use them effectively. I highly recommend you educate yourself and get TPI, FMS, SFMA certified and learn how to screen your athletes. Once you find the limitation you can apply the systems that we use to ensure the limitation is eliminated, annihilated, evaporated and exalitatededegbated. Okay I made the last word up but you get the point! I also have a little rant on how I hate the dentist but who doesn’t hate going to the dentist? Just listen, share and get involved in the community! Ohhh yeah… fire me some more Yo Jay’s as I will feature you on the podcast which will get you more friends, improve your social life, clear up your complexion and decrease adipose tissue. Only side effect is……..
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September 24th, 2014

CGP Ep36 Winners & Biggest Losers

Biggest Loser Everyone’s a winner baby thats no lie! But what the hell is going on with the Biggest Loser. Break all the rules! Fat shame the participants then break them physically and mentally and provide them with horrible nutritional advise. And this is just the season premiere! I have to rant because everything we hold true in our industry is being bastardized. On one hand the show is doing great things by helping the participants lose enormous amounts of weight and inspiring others to get off the couch. On the other hand it is scaring the crap out of people who might of thought about getting off the couch and getting a trainer because they think they will be yelled at, cry, puke in a bucket and be carted off in an ambulance! I watch it like a car crash. Hand over my eyes, looking through my fingers, waiting for the next person to get spit out the back of the treadmill. So forget about being the biggest loser, what does it take to be a winner? Winning is all about getting off the couch and trying. It doesn’t have to be physical, it can be anything that you have to make a decision on. Should I or shouldn’t I? Take the easy road or the hard road? If you do what feels right in your gut and makes you push yourself outside of your comfort zone, then you are a winner. The participants on the Biggest Loser are winners! I just wish they demonstrated some safe and effective ways to help these obese individuals instead of trying to kill them for our viewing pleasure. You asked for it and I am giving it to you! Hope you enjoy the podcast!
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September 18th, 2014

Dichotomy: The Biggest Loser is Loss of Function!

Facebook voight Dichotomy: Functional progressions with the athlete’s safety first vs all out, in your face, firehose of high intensity exercises given to high risk individuals. This is what I was presented with today. I finish editing what was probably the best podcast I have ever had with the Godfather of Functional Movement Corrections; Dr. Mike Voight and then watch the Biggest Loser on my DVR. Mike and I discuss how he developed rehabilitation techniques that can enhance function and performance and how sending an injured athlete back into the ring without fixing the dysfunction leads to further injury. Then I watch 25 severely obese individuals being tortured, tearing muscles, collapsing, fainting and getting IVs after running up a hill. “You can do it!” I know it makes for great TV but seriously. If you screened these athletes they would be excluded from 90% of the exercises they were performing. Mike and I discussed how you rehab, then use high threshold exercises to test their function under stress then place them back into the training environment. I wish every trainer and athlete out there could gain the wisdom that Mike has bestowed upon me. If they did, there would be less injured, obese, dysfunctionally moving individuals walking this earth. Go back to early posts on PMRS, read Movement by Gray Cook, take seminars on screening and restoring function….Educate yourself, empower and inspire your athletes to greatness but first and for most over all that….. Do Not Injure Your Athlete! #OverDeliver #Undeniable #CoachGlass

September 17th, 2014

CGP Ep35 Dr. Mike Voight

CGP Mike Voight Dr. Mike Voight shares his insight on the new era of performance training. Medical and fitness professionals are learning from each other and creating this hybrid meshing of their 2 worlds. We discuss the concept of High Threshold training techniques and when it is appropriate to use them. It was great to finally get Mike in for a unique and in-depth heart to heart. Dr. Voight is a World leader and innovator when it comes to using therapeutic techniques to enhance performance. He is a co-creator of the SFMA and presents his techniques around the World at SFMA and TPI workshops. Mike and I also discuss the road to greatness and what you need to do once you reach the top! Mike is truly one of my mentors and I hope this podcast gives you a glimpse into why I hold this man in such high regard.
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If you want more info about Mike and his philosophies and techniques visit the following:
NASMI- North American Sports Medicine Inst.
Advances in Clinical Education-www.rehabeducation.com
Co Author of Musculoskeletal Interventions
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September 10th, 2014

CGP Ep 34 Robert Yang Nutrition & Olympic Lifting

photo Robert Yang is the “The Healthiest Man on Earth” and he joins us to discuss topics ranging from nutrition to Olympic lifting and everything in between.
Hot Topics:
Why you should eat grass fed meats to get shredded and the power of Omega 3.
Eat bacon for your health! Stabilizing blood sugar with fats.
Do you train hard enough to require supplementation?
Best post workout meals. How to gain lean muscle mass without taking supplements.
Performing Olympic lifts in the proper order.
Why every Crossfit trainer needs to learn how to screen their athletes for Olympic lifts.
All this and more in this long awaited episode!
Robert is on the @mytpi Fitness Advisory Board and has his own Olympic Lifting Certification course that teaches you how to screen your athlete before you have them perform the key Olympic lifts. If you have any questions for Yang hit him up on Twitter @robertyanginc and throw him a “Yo Yang!” If you want to read Robert’s great articles or see his training videos go to his website http://robertyang.net
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September 3rd, 2014

CGP Ep33 the Bizness: 5 Tips for Success

Bizness My top 5 tips for creating a successful business that you can truly be fulfilled in. 1. Create a philosophy that identifies you.
2. Create a community that will follow your philosophy.
3. Hire, inspire and develop your staff.
4. Create a business model you are comfortable with.
5. Create programs and packages that ensure success for the client.
In this episode I go into depth on all these business concepts and more. Its quite simple! All you need to do is take a step back and analyze whether or not you are making the income you want, inspiring others, have time with your loved ones and have personal fulfilment. If any of these areas are lacking then you are not having true success. I am the most successful strength coach in the world. It has nothing to do with how much I make, who I work with or how many clients I have. It has everything to do with how much fun I have everyday I go to “work”! Nothing is by accident. I have worked extremely hard (and still do) to create a business that I can flourish in. What will make you truly happy? If you can’t answer that question then you will never find true success. I hope this episode inspires you and gives you concepts you can put into play in your business to help you reach unparalleled success. If it does please share! My mission is to inspire others to greatness and I need my #LabRats to help me! #DreamBig #OverDeliver Cheers Everybody! #CoachGlass

August 27th, 2014

CGP Ep32 Cardio is for Suckers!

Cardio SuckaCardio is for Suckers! Yeah I said it. If you are using long slow cardio trying to reach your fitness goals you are getting nowhere! Kind of like running on a treadmill or riding a stationary bike….you are literally getting nowhere, spinning your wheels! In this episode we are going to share with you a better way. Sprint to your results! Get there faster! Even if you are an endurance sport athlete. You can increase your VO2 Threshold faster and higher doing High Intensity Interval Training (HIITS). Come on #LABrats! Last week you burned your bench press now you can burn your ellipticals! Who do you want to look like? A marathon runner or a sprinter. Ill take the sprinter every time. Each sport creates a stress on the body that the body needs to adapt to. One builds you up and the other breaks you down. Hormones are the key. Get more growth hormone and testosterone naturally and decrease cortisol. All this and more in an episode that is shaping up to be a #CoachGlassPodcast Classic!
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