September 18th, 2014

Dichotomy: The Biggest Loser is Loss of Function!

Facebook voight Dichotomy: Functional progressions with the athlete’s safety first vs all out, in your face, firehose of high intensity exercises given to high risk individuals. This is what I was presented with today. I finish editing what was probably the best podcast I have ever had with the Godfather of Functional Movement Corrections; Dr. Mike Voight and then watch the Biggest Loser on my DVR. Mike and I discuss how he developed rehabilitation techniques that can enhance function and performance and how sending an injured athlete back into the ring without fixing the dysfunction leads to further injury. Then I watch 25 severely obese individuals being tortured, tearing muscles, collapsing, fainting and getting IVs after running up a hill. “You can do it!” I know it makes for great TV but seriously. If you screened these athletes they would be excluded from 90% of the exercises they were performing. Mike and I discussed how you rehab, then use high threshold exercises to test their function under stress then place them back into the training environment. I wish every trainer and athlete out there could gain the wisdom that Mike has bestowed upon me. If they did, there would be less injured, obese, dysfunctionally moving individuals walking this earth. Go back to early posts on PMRS, read Movement by Gray Cook, take seminars on screening and restoring function….Educate yourself, empower and inspire your athletes to greatness but first and for most over all that….. Do Not Injure Your Athlete! #OverDeliver #Undeniable #CoachGlass

September 17th, 2014

CGP Ep35 Dr. Mike Voight

CGP Mike Voight Dr. Mike Voight shares his insight on the new era of performance training. Medical and fitness professionals are learning from each other and creating this hybrid meshing of their 2 worlds. We discuss the concept of High Threshold training techniques and when it is appropriate to use them. It was great to finally get Mike in for a unique and in-depth heart to heart. Dr. Voight is a World leader and innovator when it comes to using therapeutic techniques to enhance performance. He is a co-creator of the SFMA and presents his techniques around the World at SFMA and TPI workshops. Mike and I also discuss the road to greatness and what you need to do once you reach the top! Mike is truly one of my mentors and I hope this podcast gives you a glimpse into why I hold this man in such high regard.
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If you want more info about Mike and his philosophies and techniques visit the following:
NASMI- North American Sports Medicine Inst.
Advances in Clinical
Co Author of Musculoskeletal Interventions
Twitter @voightm

September 10th, 2014

CGP Ep 34 Robert Yang Nutrition & Olympic Lifting

photo Robert Yang is the “The Healthiest Man on Earth” and he joins us to discuss topics ranging from nutrition to Olympic lifting and everything in between.
Hot Topics:
Why you should eat grass fed meats to get shredded and the power of Omega 3.
Eat bacon for your health! Stabilizing blood sugar with fats.
Do you train hard enough to require supplementation?
Best post workout meals. How to gain lean muscle mass without taking supplements.
Performing Olympic lifts in the proper order.
Why every Crossfit trainer needs to learn how to screen their athletes for Olympic lifts.
All this and more in this long awaited episode!
Robert is on the @mytpi Fitness Advisory Board and has his own Olympic Lifting Certification course that teaches you how to screen your athlete before you have them perform the key Olympic lifts. If you have any questions for Yang hit him up on Twitter @robertyanginc and throw him a “Yo Yang!” If you want to read Robert’s great articles or see his training videos go to his website
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September 3rd, 2014

CGP Ep33 the Bizness: 5 Tips for Success

Bizness My top 5 tips for creating a successful business that you can truly be fulfilled in. 1. Create a philosophy that identifies you.
2. Create a community that will follow your philosophy.
3. Hire, inspire and develop your staff.
4. Create a business model you are comfortable with.
5. Create programs and packages that ensure success for the client.
In this episode I go into depth on all these business concepts and more. Its quite simple! All you need to do is take a step back and analyze whether or not you are making the income you want, inspiring others, have time with your loved ones and have personal fulfilment. If any of these areas are lacking then you are not having true success. I am the most successful strength coach in the world. It has nothing to do with how much I make, who I work with or how many clients I have. It has everything to do with how much fun I have everyday I go to “work”! Nothing is by accident. I have worked extremely hard (and still do) to create a business that I can flourish in. What will make you truly happy? If you can’t answer that question then you will never find true success. I hope this episode inspires you and gives you concepts you can put into play in your business to help you reach unparalleled success. If it does please share! My mission is to inspire others to greatness and I need my #LabRats to help me! #DreamBig #OverDeliver Cheers Everybody! #CoachGlass

August 27th, 2014

CGP Ep32 Cardio is for Suckers!

Cardio SuckaCardio is for Suckers! Yeah I said it. If you are using long slow cardio trying to reach your fitness goals you are getting nowhere! Kind of like running on a treadmill or riding a stationary bike….you are literally getting nowhere, spinning your wheels! In this episode we are going to share with you a better way. Sprint to your results! Get there faster! Even if you are an endurance sport athlete. You can increase your VO2 Threshold faster and higher doing High Intensity Interval Training (HIITS). Come on #LABrats! Last week you burned your bench press now you can burn your ellipticals! Who do you want to look like? A marathon runner or a sprinter. Ill take the sprinter every time. Each sport creates a stress on the body that the body needs to adapt to. One builds you up and the other breaks you down. Hormones are the key. Get more growth hormone and testosterone naturally and decrease cortisol. All this and more in an episode that is shaping up to be a #CoachGlassPodcast Classic!
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August 20th, 2014

CGP Ep30 Strength Training is Overrated!!!

Overrated If you are over the age of 30 and your doing bench press you should be ashamed of yourself! Unless you are a professional athlete or still playing competitive sports you should get off the bench and get on your feet. I take that back, just get on your feet regardless of who you are! Burn your benches!!!! Get grounded and get functionally strong. What are you adding more plates to the squat bar or bench for? Curls for the girls? Come on, outside of your own vanity is there really any reason to have 20 inch arms and a chest that would make Kim Kardashian blush? “Hey! These pencils won’t push themselves!” In this episode I break down why I feel like true strength training has little to offer the common man. You don’t agree? Listen, learn and react! #BurnYourBenches
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August 13th, 2014

CGP Ep29 Perform Better Summit 2014

photo 2 Here is my recap of what is the fitness equivalent to the Catalina Wine Mixer. The 2014 @Perform_Better Summit! All the nitty gritty rom what was one of the best PB Summits ever! The summit was a great success and I was able to spend quality time with some of my closest friends and colleagues in the fitness industry. My hands on and lecture were well received and it was great to have all the #CoachGlassPodcast fans out to see the show! In this episode I break down my thoughts from the hands on and lectures I attended including Gray Cook @graycookpt, Mark Verstegen, Brandon Marchello @bmarchello13, Greg Rose, Dan John @FakeDanJohn, Charlie Weingroff @cwagon75, Mike Boyle @bodybyboyle, Josh Henkin @joshhenkin @drmarkcheng and all the rest! I would love to write out all the great lessons and cool tips but its easier for you to just listen! Hope you enjoy. Cheers Everybody! #DreamBig #OverDeliver on your Dreams. #CoachGlass Visit our sponsors @mytpi @performbetter

August 6th, 2014

CGP Ep28 Coaching Tips for Training 3 Generations of Clients

3 Generations of clientsHere is a guide to things that each age group can do to enhance their ability to move better, feel better and ultimately play better
The most important thing to do with a junior is to play as many sports and give them as many movement experiences as possible. If you were to watch us working with our juniors at The Tour Performance LAB you would see them sprinting, jumping, punching, kicking, batting, throwing, spinning and rolling. What do all these things have to do with golf? Everything! Rotational sports all have the same movement patterning, power source and basic sequencing. The longest hitters on the PGA Tour all played sports like baseball, hockey, tennis and soccer. The sport skills learnt in one sport have direct transfer of sport skill to the game of golf.
The number one question I get asked on the Coach Glass Podcast is what is my favorite exercise. My answer is always the same. The deadlift! The deadlift is the best way to develop glute strength and lower body power. Some people fear the deadlift because it has the word dead in it. It is actually a very safe exercise for those of you who have good hip hinge and can touch their toes.Strength training that reverses the effects of sedentary life or sitting at a desk in front of the computer all day is the priority.
Seniors need to focus on moving better and feeling better to help them play better. For every decade you have been alive you should add 1 day of 20 minute mobility and functional movement training. If you are 70, you need to do it daily while 60 year olds can take a day off! Mobility and functional movement training consists of exercises that improve or maintain functional range of motion in your joints. Stretching, core training and moving in all planes of motion will help keep your joints lubricated and moving better. Try Tai Chi! This is a great exercise technique that is low impact, great for posture and stability. Stand in an athletic stance and pretend your arms are in water. Move the water back and forth using your own body as resistance. You can make the water heavier by isometrically tightening your muscles.
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August 4th, 2014

CGP Ep27 Bonus McCabe & The Coach: Adherence

Hot topic 3 Tips for Program Adherence 1) Small manageable challenges to build a foundation of success 2) Behavioural Contract 3)Ask Why? All this and a bag of chips as McCabe and Coach Glass dive deep into this #HotTopic! This episode is coming off the heels of the Glass & Gill Show on Client Compliance. Thank you to everyone who got involved in the discussion on Twitter and Facebook. This is a topic no one talks about but it is time. Are you the problem or the solution? Is your client the problem or maybe you are trying to feed your program to them through a fire hose when all they wanted was a drink of water. McCabe always delivers a layer of knowledge to these debates and during our weekly conversation I stopped and set up the mics and got the conversation on tape for all of you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Cheers Everybody! #DreamBig #OverDeliver on your Dreams. #CoachGlass Visit our sponsors @mytpi @performbetter

July 30th, 2014

CGP Ep26 Glass & Gill Show #4 Client Compliance

Glass&Gill4Do your clients comply to your workout programs? If not is it your fault or is it your clients? Have you ever fired a client? Glass & Gill share their experiences with trouble clients and how they turned a negative into a positive. Tips on how to get your clients to comply to your program and believe in your systems. Some times you need to put the lure of money aside and do whats right for your client and your reputation. Its all about communication. It is a skill that takes years of experience and thousands of hours on the training floor, face to face with your students. You need to understand what the client wants and what the clients needs. Deliver what they need while making them feel like they are getting what they want. Its all here in what we feel is a conversation that should have been had a long time ago. It is a topic that we all deal with but most coaches don’t talk about. #CoachLikeUWantToBeCoached @jasonglasslab @lgp_inc #GlassandGillShow